Commit b330f833 authored by Recteur LP's avatar Recteur LP

Use docker format to build container

parent 34b800e3
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......@@ -28,15 +28,15 @@ vendor:
@grunt copy
build: vendor auto-proxy
@buildah bud -f container/pyrmin.container -v $(shell pwd):/opt/tmp -t
@buildah bud --format docker --layers -f container/pyrmin.container -v $(shell pwd):/opt/tmp -t
@buildah tag$(CI_COMMIT_TAG)
build27: vendor auto-proxy
@buildah bud -f container/python2/pyrmin.container -v $(shell pwd):/opt/tmp -t
@buildah bud --format docker --layers -f container/python2/pyrmin.container -v $(shell pwd):/opt/tmp -t
@buildah tag$(CI_COMMIT_TAG)
build-el8: vendor auto-proxy
@buildah bud -f container/el8/pyrmin.container -v $(shell pwd):/opt/tmp -t
@buildah bud --format docker --layers -f container/el8/pyrmin.container -v $(shell pwd):/opt/tmp -t
@buildah tag$(CI_COMMIT_TAG)
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