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update jsdoc

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...@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ docenv: auto-proxy ...@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ docenv: auto-proxy
@$(ENV)/python install @$(ENV)/python install
docs: docs:
@$(ENV)/sphinx-jsapidoc --output-dir docs src/build/ @$(ENV)/sphinx-jsapidoc --output-dir docs src/js
@$(ENV)/sphinx-build docs html @$(ENV)/sphinx-build docs html
clean: clean:
...@@ -95,19 +95,19 @@ Methods ...@@ -95,19 +95,19 @@ Methods
.. js:function:: pyrmin.load_css(href) .. js:function:: pyrmin.load_res(href)
Load CSS from href location Load Ressource Files from href location
:param string href: CSS Location :param string href: CSS or JS File Location
.. js:function:: pyrmin.load_js(src) .. js:function:: pyrmin.get(url)
Load JS from src location Return Data From a GET Request on URL
:param string src: JS Location :param string url: URL to GET
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