Welcome to PyRmin.io


A lighthing framework for plugins

PyRmin is a simple framework to develop webservice interface and/or mini api. It is based on CherryPy.

It includes the awesome admin dashboard & control panel theme for Booststrap AdminLTE

Responsive Design

PyRmin design easily and efficiently scales, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries.

Easy Setup

PyRmin is designed to be setup easy and fast.

Many Plugins

Browse the Plugins Store and make your own custom made plugins just for pyRmin.


Online & Offline Documentation with many examples.

Built-in Components

Featuring Font Awesome, Ion Icons, and Glyphicons.

Open Source

Have a suggestion or an issue? Visit our GitLab repository to get help.


  • LDAP Integration

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Amazing Compatibility

PyRmin uses Python and is portable on Server Side. But plugins could be platform dependant.

We use Web Standard to provide compatibility with all latest browser on Client side.

Issues & Support

Please visit our GitLab repository and post your issue, suggestion, or contribution.

For community support, you can connect to PyRmin Rocket Chat.

Check PyRmin API Status and Maintenance Infos at https://status.pyrmin.io